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Areez Katki and Khadim Ali: There is no other home but this

Areez Katki and Khadim Ali: There is no other home but this

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The hit 2022 exhibition There is no other home but this at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery paired two artists – Areez Katki and Khadim Ali – for the first time. Both of Persian descent, the artists were separated and exiled from their ancestral lands and cultures, orphaned from their histories in Aotearoa and Australia, respectively.

Two distinct cover sleeves are available, reflecting each artist. 

This lavish catalogue captures the spectacular and emotive 2022 exhibition of Areez and Khadim’s work, their personal and connected backgrounds, and the rich stories that connect to their present and future, extending discussion and understanding of the impact of invasion, forced migration, and maintaining a connection to culture beyond a connection to land.

ISBN: 978-1-98-854316-1

Publication date: 2022
Publication editor: Zara Stanhope
Design: Tana Mitchell / Akin
Production editor: Gwynneth Porter
Proofreader: Marie Shannon
Contributors: Zara Stanhope, Areez Katki, Elle Loui August, Michael Young, Asad Buda, Atika Hussain
Softcover with sleeve (two versions)
Full colour
295 x 214 mm
108 pages



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