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Cinema & Painting

Cinema & Painting

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The exhibition Cinema & Painting examined the intersection of these two screen-based arts against the backdrop of a culture characterized by the increasing plasticity of pictorial surfaces and flexibility of spaces of viewing. Turning to artists, both contemporary and historical, who engage the relation between the screen and the space that projects from it, the exhibition maps the genealogy and continuing life of a Modernist tradition of depth.

This exhibition catalogue features work of contributing artists: Jim Davis, Oskar Fischinger, William Fox, Hollis Frampton, Ken Jacobs, Lumière Company, Len Lye, Colin McCahon, Anthony McCall, Judy Millar, Matt Saunders, Phil Solomon, Diana Thater.

Edited by Michelle Menzies

Published by the Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington, 2015
Pages: 134
Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm
ISBN: 978-1-877309-32-8

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