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David Clegg: loca projects / correction

David Clegg: loca projects / correction

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AAANZ Art Association of Australia & New Zealand
Best Artist-led Publication: Essay / Catalogue / Book Prize

Published in association with the exhibition David Clegg: loca projects / correction (6 Aug - 5 Nov 2017) at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

This award winning publication presents a selection of works from the exhibition, as full-size reproductions.

Released from their original setting, within the architecture of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre, the works open towards new relationships, formed within and through the accompanying texts, as an extension of the project.

The David Clegg: loca projects / correction publication includes writing by Abby Cunnane, Robyn Maree Pickens and Wystan Curnow, with an introduction by Director Simon Rees.

From the judges: This is a wonderful assemblage of essays and artworks that provide the needed performative counterpart to site-specific, practice-based and visitor-activated engagement of Clegg’s 'loca projects / correction'. It presents the artist’s beautiful conjunction of text and image, while citations from the artist’s readings contextualise photographs in the transformational complexity of place. The foreword and essays argue for ‘sculpture as proximity’ and ‘being attentive to other kinds of closeness’ (Abby Cunnane, p. 9 and 10). Clegg’s impetus to ‘document(s) understated, incidental spaces’ (Robyn Maree Pickens p. 13); and propose a series of scholarly and philosophical contexts for the art works (Wystan Curnow) are also discussed. The production is sustainably made and values of local production are evident. Each written contribution beautifully orders the publication and enhanced comprehension of ‘loca projects/correction’ with careful attention to use of Clegg’s text including strikethroughs, underscores and vertex marks. -  Judges: Marion Crawford and Sarah Pirrie

Publication Editors: David Clegg and Tendai John Mutumbu

Publication Design: Amy Yalland, Index

Printed: Index, Soar

ISBN: 978-0-908848-97-3

64 pages

© 2018 Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, the artists, writers and contributors



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