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Don Driver: Magician

Don Driver: Magician

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 A documentary on the controversial art and career of New Zealand's greatest assemblage sculptor and pop artist.

Paul Judge’s documentary provides a thorough record and eloquent posthumous tribute to a major and often controversial NZ artist, drawing on a wealth of archive material, plus his own interviews with Driver and other art world notables. 

Originally planned as a short documentary of the 1999 retrospective at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, Paul Judge’s film has grown incrementally in the years since.

We meet Driver at home and in his studio in New Plymouth, tearing up movie posters and reconstituting them into intimations of primal dread no film studio ever dreamt of, at least, not knowingly.

Featuring: Wystan Curnow, Judy Darragh, Julian Dashper, Christine Hellyar, Tom Kreisler and Michael Smither.

Narrated by Elizabeth Smither
Produced by Paul Judge and Bridget Sutherland
A Three-To-One Films production in association with Faraway Films

NZ / 2013 / Colour / 67 min.


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