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Figures of Motion Len Lye Selected Writings

Figures of Motion Len Lye Selected Writings

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 A selection of Len Lye's writing which cast light on his own art, his theories and the artistic context in which he worked.

Len Lye, born in New Zealand in 1901, began constructing kinetic or moving sculpture in his early twenties - one of the first people in the world to do so. He completed his first experimental film in London in 1929, and during the 1930s he pioneered 'direct' film-making, the process of making films without a camera. When he died in New York in 1980 he was still absorbed with the idea of 'composing motion' after a long and eventful career of film-making, kinetic sculpture, mixed-media activities, and experimental writing. Figures of Motion reveals the scope of an extraordinary artist.

ISBN: 0 19 647996 7
152 pages
20.3 x 29.3 cm

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