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Free Radicals Series Journal

Free Radicals Series Journal

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Inspired by one of Lye's most iconic films, Free Radicals, 1958 (revised 1979). The Free Radicals Journal features a hard cover, both plain and kraft paper unlined with an open binding.

Some critics regard this as Lye’s greatest film. He reduced the film medium to its most basic elements – light in darkness – by scratching designs on black film. On screen his scratches were as dramatic as lightning in the night sky. He used a variety of tools ranging from dental tools to an ancient Native American arrow-head, and synchronized the images to traditional African music (“a field tape of the Bagirmi tribe”).

All sales from this merchandise help support art and exhibition making at New Zealand’s contemporary art museum.


Product Details:
H: 180mm x W: 130mm x D: 20mm

Artwork Caption:
Len Lye, Free Radicals, 1958 (revised 1979), 
4 min, 16mm, b&w, transferred to digital video,
Courtesy of the Len Lye Foundation. Digital version by Park Road Post Production and Weta Digital Ltd from material preserved and made available by Ngā Taonga: Sound and Vision.

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