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Len Lye: Four Fountains

Len Lye: Four Fountains

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A succinct look at the opening exhibition Len Lye: Four Fountains in the Large Works gallery.

The new Len Lye Centre opened in July 2015 with an audience favourite: the gentle swaying Fountain, a bundle of rotating stainless-steel rods that twist, flex and shimmer. Among the earlies of Lye's 'tangible motion sculptures', Fountain became a work he returned to throughout the 1960s and 1970s with numerous variations in collections around the world.

Performing alongside three earlier versions of Fountain, a new member of this fmaily of work arrived in 2015 with the 8-metre tall version - Fountain IV - engineered by the Len Lye Foundation based on Lye's detailed design drawings and notes. From the gentle to the sublime, Lye's ambitious projects are finally realised as he envisaged - for the 21st Century.

This publication Len Lye: Four Fountains includes an essay by Len Lye Curator Paul Brobbel and several colour photographs of Fountain.

Published 2015
ISBN: 978-0-90-8848-79-9
20 pages
Size 20 x 21cm


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