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Len Lye's Art That Moves

Len Lye's Art That Moves

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Len Lye (1901-1980) was one of the most important artists to have emerged from New Zealand. This book contains two of his most revealing essays about 'art that moves' and why it should be celebrated as 'the first new category of art since prehistory'. With its dancing energy, kinetic art compliments the static images of painting and sculpture. Lye's own work has been exhibited around the world. The wonderfully-written essays in this book take us deep inside his art and give us new ways to observe and to think about movement, not only in Lye's own art, but in the human body and nature at large.

The book includes a detailed introduction by Roger Horrocks, who once worked as Len Lye's assistant. He is the author of Len Lye: A Biography, praised by many critics for its lively, intimate account of the artist's life. His companion volume, Art that Moves: The Work of Len Lye, looks in detail at the range of Lye's work in sculpture and film, and the challenges involved in restoring kinetic art. He has also made an award-winning film about the artist.

ISBN 978-1-98-8543185

Edited: Roger Horrocks
STATEMENT SERIES editor: Paul Brobbel
Design: Kalee Jackson
Printer: Pivotal

115mm x 178mm


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