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Robert Breer A-Z box set

Robert Breer A-Z box set

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For the first time a comprehensive collection of Robert Breer's film masterpieces are simultaneously released on two DVDs. These are available as a box set with the book Robert Breer A-Z.

'When you go out into the street after watching Breer’s films, everything looks and sounds different because it’s being filtered through Breer’s vision – new time sense, new relationships. You think about balancing: the abstract with the figurative... think about how objects and images metamorphose, break up, expand, deflate… how forms get pulled out of apparent chaos and are submerged again. Daily life!

'Breer packs more into three minutes than most filmmakers put into two hours. And though the films at first seem whimsical or merely pleasant, they’re not. They have a strong sense of the imminence of chaos and catastrophe. Like all great comic artists, Breer knows that any move could end in disaster.' - Amy Taubin, Soho Weekly News

DVD 1 Recreation 62 mins.

Form Phases IV 1954 color 5’
Recreation 1956-57 color 1’30’’
A Man and His Dog Out for Air 1957 b/w 2’
Jamestown Baloos 1957 b/w & color 5’
Blazes 1961 color 3’
69 1968 color 4’30’’
Fuji 1974 color 9’
LMNO 1978 color 10’
Swiss Army Knife with Rats and Pigeons 1980 color 6’
Bang! 1986 color 10’
Time Flies 1997 color 5’30’’

DVD 2 Un Miracle 61 mins.
Un Miracle 1954 color 0’30’’
Eyewash 1958-59 color 3’
Pat’s Birthday 1962 b/w 13’
Fist Fight 1964 color 9’
66 1966 color 5’
70 1970 color 4’30’’
Gulls and Buoys 1972 color 7’
T.Z. 1979 color 8’
ATOZ 2000 color 5’30’’
What Goes Up 2003 color 5’

The book Robert Breer A-Z is a self-portrait of the major contemporary artist Robert Breer. One of the key figures in the history of experimental film, Breer spoke and wrote eloquently over his long and prolific career about his radical approach that reconnected film to the core concerns of 20th century painting and sculpture.


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