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Tom Who? The Enigma of Tom Kreisler

Tom Who? The Enigma of Tom Kreisler

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This lively, colourful film, by award-winning documentary-maker Shirley Horrocks, is an in-depth portrait of the remarkable artist Tom Kreisler. Born in Argentina to a Jewish family that had left Europe to escape the Nazis, Kreisler lived most of his adult life in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Though the art market ignored him, he had a great influence on young artists. In this film, many leading painters testify to his strking originality. He hated art that was earnest and pretentious, and his paitings have a rich, subversive humour. Kreisler made several trips to Mexico where he loved the folk art of the 'Day of the Dead', and the film visits Mexico to explore that interest.

If the art of Tom Kreisler (1938–2002) remains a secret, Shirley Horrocks’ richly illustrated doco does everything right to make it less so. It sheds new light on the life and art of a 20th century New Zealand painter with scant interest in landscape but a strong affinity with Mexican traditions and the wit and verve of Pop Art. (Bill Gosden, NZ International Film Festival).

Interviewees include a wide range of artists and others well-known in the art world, including: Associate-Professor Jim Allan, Ian Athfield, Fiona Clark, John Coley, Emeritus Professor Wystan Curnow, Dick Frizell, Paul Hartigan, John Hurrell, Aaron Kreisler, John Maynard, Simon Morris, John Perry, Priscilla Pitts, Seraphine Pick, Dame Cheryl Sotheran, Dr Linda Tyler, Warren Viscoe, and Dr Ruth Watson.

(NZ, 2015, Colour and B/W, 73 min.)

Dir. Shirley Horrocks
A Point of View Production, made with the support of Creative New Zealand, The New Zealand Film Commission Feature Film Finishing Grant, Tony Green and The Chartwell Trust.

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