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Zizz! The life and art of Len Lye, in his own words

Zizz! The life and art of Len Lye, in his own words

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Len Lye was startlingly original and endlessly inventive. Scottish poet Alastair Reid called the New Zealand-born filmmaker, kinetic sculptor, painter, and poet “the least boring person who ever existed.” Today Lye’s work is held in major galleries around the world. In this captivating book Lye’s biographer, Roger Horrocks, weaves the artist’s writings into a memoir of his fascinating life.

"Zizz! [is] a nicely compact volume which burrows into more personal anecdotes than the earlier book. Horrocks had access to Lye's notes, essays and letters." Linda Herrick, NZ Herald

"Len Lye is the unsung maverick of modern art. His inventive spirit, humour and sensuality left a globally unique legacy." Tessa Laird, New Zealand Listener

"Everything Lye created, from pioneering films to fabulously cool kinetic sculptures that sashay and vibrate to their own self-made music, was a direct reflection of the man himself." Laura Cumming, The Observer Published by Awa Press


"Doctors should prescribe Zizz! as an anti-depressant. The life of Len Lye is inspiring. His energetic and playful art infused his observations of the elements and his senses in a magical way. His old brain and new brain, as he called them, coalesced in forward thinking creations that I hope will spark artistic fire in the 21st century." Dylan Sherwood, Unity Books



Published by Awa Press 2015
Pages: 208
Dimensions: 24 x 19 cm
ISBN-13: 9781927249215
ISBN-10: 192724921X

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